Conversation – Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

A couple go to the shopkeeper to ask something.
Robert : excuse me.
Shopkeeper : yes. Can I help you?
Kristen : may I have a blue shirt with the design like this red one, please?
Shopkeeper : yes, of course. I think we still have it in the storehouse. Please wait a minute.
Robert : yes, thank you.
After a while, the shopkeeper is back.
Shopkeeper : here you are, sir.
Robert : thank you.
Shopkeeper : would you also like a hat, sir? There are several colours, including blue.
Robert : no, thank you. I don’t like wearing a hat. But we’re very interested in buying some souvenirs you have.
Kristen : yes, the souvenirs are very pretty. By the way, we’ll pay the shirt later along with the souvenirs, if you don’t mind.
Shopkeeper : not at all. Please.

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